Road Accidents: Unconsciousness or Disobedience?

"Serious traffic accident killed" like this, all news starts in the morning, afternoon or evening. In all newspapers are present at least two accidents resolved from traffic. With these events we all get already used, even worse is that, although people are aware of the consequences of an accident, drivers continue to adopt the same attitude: excessive speed, alcohol and driving, inattentiveness, failure to give priority in traffic and the List can continue.

Some drivers' base on experience, some claim that they have control over the car. A third category of drivers so-called "brave" are those who believe in destiny and fate. Of all these categories, few are those who think and the people who may be involved in road accidents without having some guilt. Perhaps the cause is the pedestrians who have not given priority, even though they should have done it, we should know that we are responsible of people who are with us in the car or even other drivers, more peaceful, in traffic.

The gravity of an accident is that it's rare when it has a single victim, and if that happens, we should remember it as a happy case of road accidents.

Apparent taken in serious, the problem of increasing the number of road accidents is still unresolved. The situation was presented in various forms. An already known call is "Stop traffic accidents" and "Life has priority", but how many drivers take this message seriously or remember how such a message. Few, it looks! Road accidents are proof, becoming more frequent.

It is certain that the license lessons are not without a warning on violations of traffic rules. But once getting the permission in hand, drivers seem to forget everything they learned. Watch as a man's life is in danger if they are in a hurry to reach spot, forget that refusing to give priority traffic can destroy life, forget that they must answer before the law for their actions, forget that their own lives are standing in their Hands, and more, the life of the friends or relatives accompanying them. But most times, regrets come after action. Only then a person realizes that no matter how big is the hurry, life has, indeed, a priority.

In support of road users there are developed projects for intelligent vehicles equipped with electronic stability control and automatic dialing system for emergency when there is an accident. Unfortunately, the price of such equipment is high and not many people will provide it. Technological solutions can be helpful but must be weighed against the financial capabilities of drivers and pricing technology systems. Whether or not approval of these projects, drivers and other road users should respect each other, to take account of traffic rules and understand that any traffic accident can cost people lives.


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